The Leadership Circle Profile: A Powerful Tool

The Universal Leadership Model

Your people (and all stakeholders) expect more from you than they will say (implicit expectations.) I use The Leadership Circle Profile, a 360 degree web–based assessment with my clients. Called the Universal Model of Leadership, it was introduced by Anderson and Adams in their book, Mastering Leadership (Wiley 2016) There are eighteen leadership competencies that are tied to effective leadership (called Creative Leadership), and eleven internal assumptions that limit leadership effectiveness (Reactive Leadership.) The Optimal Leader is heavily weighted to Creative competencies and represents only 10% of all leaders. Reactive leaders represent 75%-80% of all leaders, signaling that most fall far short of the leadership capacity they actually possess.

Imagine if 80% of your leadership was heavily weighted to Creative Leadership like the Optimal Leader?

That’s the right knowledge. It is also a competitive advantage.

Steve Wakeen