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Leadership coaching and management strategies 



secret weapon for The C-suite

You cannot be an effective leader if you do not know the expectations.

Effective leadership requires mastering explicit and implicit expectations of a company’s stakeholders. Explicit expectations are achievable because you know what they are: the competence–based skills required to run an organization. But what about implicit expectations? How well do you engage your people? How present are you for them? What are perceptions of your authenticity and integrity, your ability to provide them with meaningful work? Are employees confident in you and the leadership team? How do you know?  Implicit expectations are often unexpressed but can make the difference between good and extraordinary leadership. They are the secret weapon of leadership.

Leadership effectiveness for the individual.

Playbook Coaching, LLC helps you understand the implicit expectations that are inherent in the word "leader."  It starts with the right plan. Playbook uses benchmark metrics to establish your leadership effectiveness against norms.  We identify the critical implicit expectations that leaders need to know to be exceptional.  We then develop a path forward to improve every aspect of your leadership.

Leadership team effectiveness as a strategic priority. 

Business is more complex than ever. Putting the best talent together no longer guarantees success.  Playbook can identify the collective effectiveness of a team with surprising results. Through team coaching and strategic facilitation, Playbook helps teams unify around the right issues, working together to think, lead  and execute in concert.

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